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naruto 446: spoiler

naruto446-11Nagato : We decided Yahiko would be the leader,
then our organization became famous before we knew it.

Hanzou : If you don’t fight to kill eachother, this girls dies right here, right now !

Yahiko takes Nagato’s kunai and impales himself to save Konan

Yahiko : Konan, you must survive by any mean.
You’re the angel of this world.

Yahiko died, this was the second Pain
Where were supposed to have been matured, grow up …
This was exactly like when my parents died.
That’s when I realized that my answers were just bullshit.

Sidetext : Nagato’s awekening

***spoiler dari manga/komik naruto sudah banyak beredar di internet. Banyak yang mengatakan bahwa gambar-gambar scan itu asli, dalam artian benar seperti yang apa dirilis nanti dalam chapter nya. Gambar-gambar lainnya bisa dilihat di salah satu blog ini.

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