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Naruto 441 Spoiler

3990910hqcolouredez9“Naruto stares down upon God Realm, Pain stares back.”

Pain: – Impossible, how did you return to normal again?
“Naruto looks serious”
Pain: – Never mind, it is over Naruto. You cannot escape Chibuka tensei.
“Zoom in on Nagatos face”
Nagato thinks: – He shouldn’t be able to stand up like that either, what immense power, he seem somewhat different…

“Naruto sits down on the moon and concentrates”

Pain: – What is he doing?

“Naruto opens his eyes and turns his gaze away from Pain and directly in the direction of Nagato”
“Nagato’s face, his eyes wide open”

Nagato: – He noticed me…

“Naruto stands up again and facing Nagato he starts to talk”

Naruto: – A lot of things have happened. I don’t have all the answers but I know that your answer is wrong Nagato. You are being fooled by another Your motives are driven by the very same thing your trying to stop, hatred.

“Nagatos eyes narrow as suspicion arise”

Nagato: – What is it you think you know? You still don’t have any answers..

Naruto: – A masked man in Akatsuki, have another agenda than the one you have.

“Naruto points towards Nagato, Nagatos eyes get even more serious but wide”

Nagato: – What are you talking about, how do you know Madara?
Naruto: – Madara…..someone close to me told me about it.
Nagato : – Enough! It doesn’t matter..all that matters is peace.
Naruto : – Your way is not peace, i’ve already told you, I will defeat you and protect everyone!

“Naruto kneels down and closes his eyes”

Nagato: – wha…..

“Naruto gathers natural energies at his feet., He opens his eyes and jumps/shoots down towards the ground”

Nagato in shock: – Impossible!!
God realm: – Shinra tensei!

“Naruto is stricken back and drawn in by the moon again crashing on its surface”
“Naruto stands up visibly tired, breathing heavy. ”

Naruto thinks: I can’t get past his Chinra tensei and there is no way I’m fast enough to break his 5 second intervall, not on this moon.
“Naruto realizes something!! I don’t have any more clones to summon so I can make that…He stands straight and makes a handseal”

Naruto : – Kage bo Shiniojutsu

“In a flash of smoke hundreds of normal Shadow-clones appear on the moon!”
“Close up on Narutos face as he makes the seal once more, he is sweating with concentration. Two sage-clones appear beside him”
“The sage-clones run to the sides where many normal clones gather forming 3 groups with 1 sage-clone and many normal ones in each group”
“Nagato stares up at what’s happening”

God realm thinks: He can’t possible launch all those from the moon… My chakra is running low, the chibuka tensei took a lot out of me, I must end this soon.

God realm: – What do you think your doing? You cannot beat Chibuka tensei, no one can.

“A sage Naruto launches one Normal naruto by throwing him of the moon with full force, the Clone disapears in a smokepuff”
“The three Sage clones build one Rasengan each and smash it into the moon creating a smoke screen over a large part of the moon.
“God realm focuses his eyes on the smoke”

God realm whispers: – Here they come.

“Out of the smoke Normal Naruto’s are shot out at a steady interval launching towards God realm. Some of them explode into smoke filling the air between god realm and the moon with smoke.”
“God realm parries and disposes of the clones that reach him”

God realm: – You cannot force me to use Shinra tensei like this! Your clones are no match for me, I can take them on. The smoke won’t help you!

“Suddenly Nagato feels a disturbance in the gravity as something explodes somewhere on the moon and god realms balance drops by the shockwaves of the explosion, the ground shakes”

God realm: – Ughhh..what?

“Out of the smoke comes the moon steering right at God realm”
God realm: – What?! How?!

“Nagato looks in total shock how the moon falls on God realm and see it through God realms eyes also. There is no escape it is to big!
Nagato shifts his eyes to the moon and see two sage Naruto’ s Jumping up into the air on the opposite side of the moon and landing down again with OgoonRasengan!”

Nagato: – So that’s what he is doing, trying to bring the moon down on me… I still have my shinra tensei!

“God realm raises his hands towards the moon, sweating and panting from the concentration”
God Realm: – SHINRA TENSEI!!

“The moon, that is somewhat close now starts to shifts to the left and continues falling to the side, but not enough.”
“God realm jumps the other way to get out of harms way.”

Naruto: – Got you!

“Out of the smoke comes the third, real Naruto Sage flying in high speed with a double Rasengan crashing into God realm”


“close up at god realms face as he is hit”

God realm: – Guaaaargg!
Nagato: – Arghh…Yahiko!

“God realm and Naruto crashes into the ground in an explosion of rock and smoke”
“Nagato coughs blood and Konan comes to his side”

“Naruto stand up out of the smoke, Yahiko is defeated on the ground”
“The moon crashes in a ground-shaking explosion felt by all Shinobi around the area as Naruto looks towards Nagato, his faced concealed by shadow”

Naruto: – It’s over….

“Naruto seems to be struggling with himself, trying to make a hard choice.”

Naruto: – Jirayaaa……

“Naruto seems to come to a decision that in some way is painful, he raises his face and in his eyes are determination”
Naruto jumps closer to were Nagato is and up in a tree”

Naruto shouts: – The will of fire protects us all……Jirayaa’s dream…..I know what it meant now. End this Nagato, stop your killing. There is another way…….I have my answer.. I don’t……ha…(Naruto hesitates)…hate you….

“Nagato is stunned by these words….”

Nagato whispers: – Naruto……..the destined child?…….
Nagato: – Konan, reveal us.

“Konan releases the paper shield. Nagatos machine Walks closer to Naruto, Nagato raises his voice”

Nagato: – What is your answer!?

“A flash behind Nagato and Madara stands behind him”

Madara: – So Pain, you failed it seems, betrayal huh?

“Naruto see Madara and is shocked, Konan don’t have time to react and you see closeup on Nagato’s face he is sweating and taken of guard”

—- Next Chapter : “The Betrayal” —-

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  1. March 23, 2009 at 7:13 am

    *sial, baca spoiler*

    • March 24, 2009 at 2:56 am

      diatas kan judulnya aja juga spoiler.. kayaknya chapter selanjutnya akhir dari battle ini..

  2. March 31, 2009 at 7:27 am

    *merasa dodol*
    *padahal udah baca judul masih aja baca trus habis baca muring2*

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